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Yuja Niacin 30 Days Brightening Starter Kit (4 items)

Yuja Niacin 30 Days Brightening Starter Kit (4 items)

USD$ 32.95

Yuja Niacin Line in mini sizes. Great for travelling and for testing the products out.

Lasts 1-2 weeks.

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Yuja Niacin 30 Days Miracle Brightening Toner 30ml

A toner which contains concentrated Yuja (citron) Extract quickly provides active ingredients to skin and absorbs into skin with refreshing feeling without any stickiness.


At the first step of skincare routine, pour proper amount onto cotton pad or hand and gently apply on skin along its texture. Pat for absorption

Yuja Niacin 30 Days Blemish Care Serum 10ml

Light and quick absorbing texture An easy absorbing, light as air texture does not leave you with heavy and sticky feeling.


After using toner, take a proper amount and gently apply to the entire face. Pat for better absorption

Yuja Niacin Brightening Moisture Gel Cream 30ml

Refreshing Gel texture gets absorbed into skin quickly as soon as applied on skin and its handy tube type feature makes it comfortable to use multiple times whenever, wherever you need


Take an adequate amount and apply on body and face whenever needed. Massage gently until fully absorbed.

Yuja Niacin 30 Days Miracle Brightening Sleeping Mask 20ml

Don’t miss a golden time for brightening! During night time when the skin is resting, it provides high concentration of vitamin and hydration energy which improves signs of aging and overall skin radiance for healthy, firmer looking skin


At the last step of evening skincare routine, apply on the entire face avoiding the eye, lip area. Rinse with water the next morning.


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