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Credit card payment is back on our website. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Norazlan Abdul Aziz – Unprofessional officer from SPF

This is a narration of a encounter with Singapore police officer Norazlan Abdul Aziz who is extremely unprofessional.

On April 2017, I made a police report about a sexual assault that I faced from an acquaintance.

When I went to the police post, the officer asked me what I wanted to report. When I said molest, she started to panick abit and asked me to describe my experience. I had to describe my experience in the open reception area, while occassionally a guy officer came to ask her what is going on. She kept asking me why I only report after 4 months.

Side note: it is extremely normal for sexual assault victims to report after months.

I also told her that the perpetrator messaged me after 2 days and I replied him(1 word reply). She called an investigation officer and convey to him the situation. She asked him “But it’s 4 months leh. How ah?” She also told him we messaged for 2 days. Maybe that is the reason why subsequently the investigation officer decided to terrorise me.

Inside the room where my statement is being recorded, it was 1 hour of nightmare. It seems like he had decided that I’m lying and decided to treat me as a suspect instead.

I didn’t know the exact location of the place of crime as I am very bad in directions and I trusted the perpetrator at that time.(The perpetrator is a personal trainer and I followed him to a park for exercise) The investigation officer was pissed off and he opened google map satellite and ask me to figure out the location. Of course, it was hard for me and he became more and more frustrated. I pointed out a road that leads to the park(it is correct) but he told me that the road leads to somewhere else. When I told him I cannot remember, he shouted “Even if you don’t remember you have to remember!” He also said “You don’t remember the location, you don’t remember what he did to you”.

At one point I told him I am finding job in another country, and he said, “Why? You don”t like Singapore?”. And when I told him it is hard for me focus on finding job due to the incident, he got agitated and said “Then why report after 4 months?! You see, when people are molested they are usually angry and they report immediately.” He also mentioned something that the law protects women.

I told him that the perpetrator grabbed my waist because there was a bicycle behind. I admit I might not have described it correctly but he said “So he touched you to protect you lah”

I said that I’m not sure if I want to continue this report because of his attitude. He shouted “It has already been reported! You cannot retract it! This guy XXX will be arrested you know!” He gave me a feeling that he is siding with the perpetrator.

I wish to mention that officer from the reception came into the room in the middle and she was seeking permission to submit the police report.

When I said the perpetrator touched my butt, he said “Touch has many different types you know?! Is it with fingers? Is it whole hand? Did it go into the butt crack?” He said these while demonstrating with his hand.

I told him that a lift was used to lead to the crime location. Later on when I repeated the information, he purposely said “I thought you said no lift just now?”

When I said the perpetrator forced me to drink his drink(I said this just to narrate the fact that the perpetrator is very persistent) He ignored what I said and asked “So you drank?” I said Yes and he just sat there and stare at me with disbelief for 10 seconds. At some points during the police report, he also keep shaking his head and he made me feel like I’m at fault for being molested.

When I said the perpetrator massaged me, he asked me if the perpetrator touched my breast. When I said no, he repeated while typing the report, “Did….not…..touch……breast”

When I said the perpetrator hugged me, he said “Hug also has many different types you know? If the body did not touch it is not considered hug, it is called pat on the back”

He also asked me if I like the perpetrator. When I said no, he stared at me with disbelief for 10s again. I thought this is related to the case but he did not include this in the report.

He spent most of the time terrorizing me, and when he realised there’s no time, he recorded my statement in a slip-slop manner and asked me to say important parts only.

At the end, when he wanted me to sign the report, his attitude turned 360 degrees. He also happily told me that the next case he is going to record is the same as me, outrage of modesty. I don’t know what is the purpose of revealing other people’s information to me.

When we went outside the room where there are other officers, he acted disgustingly friendly and asked me to call them if I saw the perpetrator again.

I was confused whether if it is a normal process for officers to treat victims this way, so I wrote an inquiry to the SPF. I got an reply from Shannon Lin. This is part of the reply from his email:

“I have investigated your complaint, interviewed the officers involved and spoken to the supervisors of these officers. I am satisfied that IO Norazlan had conducted the interview in order to ascertain the veracity of the facts. Regrettably, you may have misconstrued his questions as sarcastic or condescending. Lastly, you said that IO Norazlan ended the interview abruptly and did not allow you to include some details. Our records showed that IO Norazlan had spent a considerable amount of time interviewing and recording your statement. As a Duty Officer, he has to respond to other on-going cases. Notwithstanding, he patiently included the details and made the amendments which you insisted.”

He investigated by interviewing him and his teammates.

Lastly, the name of the investigation officer is Norazlan Abdul Aziz. He is hideous inside out. Don’t know why he chose to be policeman, it seems like he hates his job. One day Karma shall strike him. Maybe it is already striking as he seems to be in bad health.

Update:  Norazlan Abdul Aziz knocked down and killed an old lady in September 2017. He was charged in court in January 2019 but not sure if he is convicted or not.

News Article:

Update 2: Norazlan Abdul Aziz was senteced to 2 weeks jail. Probably he is familiar with the system and the loopholes. Knocking the old lady down, pausing for a few seconds and then RUNNING HER OVER…yet he was only sentenced 2 weeks.

Photo of his filty face