Credit card payment is back on our website. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Credit card payment is back on our website. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

About Us

How I started using snail cream

Hi! I’m Miranda, the founder of Snailylove. I first discovered snail cream when I was 19 years old. The promised results were reduced scars, acne and a more youthful appearance. I really love trying new products at that time so I thought why not?  I wasn’t grossed out at snail slime at all. Maybe I am just meant to be a snail cream addict.

I remembered applying the snail cream at night and being excited how it will turn out the next morning. When I washed my face the next morning, I noticed the snail slime was still sitting on my face. However, when it was washed off, my skin was noticeably smoother and cleaner.

Snail Cream become a staple in my skincare routine

The results were there to stay. The more I used it, the more my skin improves. My skin felt bouncy and young and I hardly breakout.

However, at times I was still tempted to try out other products. They almost always resulted in breakouts or bumpy skin. Whenever it happens, I will switch back to my trusted snail cream and the soothing and anti-inflammatory effect were almost instant.

I continued to use snail cream for many years and I believe it has helped me maintain a youthful appearance.

I am 30 now and my skin has become drier, so I now combine snail cream with other hydrating toners/serums.

It will always be my favourite skincare ingredient! That is why I started SnailyLove – to let more people learn about this amazing ingredient and to advocate what I love.

Our promise

SnailyLove promise to carry only high-quality products. All our products are specially curated from Korea, where the best snail creams are produced. We do not sell imitations, as we hate them as much as you do.

We ship out your orders within 3-5 business days from Korea, and you should expect to receive within 2 weeks.